Tracey I Campbell

Statement of Intent, Summer 2014

  I have recently finished exhibiting the work I have generated from 2nd year at IG:LU gallery, Inverness.  I am using this as a learning tool to contextualise my work as both collective idea and spatially.

  The progress of current paintings False Predictions is presently being delayed whilst the setting up and arranging of Nonsense works. The works are however very close to completion with very minimal (but crucial) additions to be made - which can be carried out whilst on display.

  Once priorities are no longer wtith Nonsense works then I can begin with my new intentions for the summer period, which consists of making an attentive effort to: create drawings and paintings from life; work on technical skills; form a regular painting routine to maximise productivity and to continue developing ideas  - giving much more thought about literature and imagery through small scaled drawings. Though not all work requiring full expansion as previously but to allow these to grow for when I begin year three.


I found out yesterday that I’ve been accepted to study on exchange at Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow - this will be both an exciting and challenging experience for me.